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Albino Grass Carp


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Fish Name: Grass Carp

Latin Name: Ctenopharyngodon idella

Maximum Size: 100cm

Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. pH: 6.5-8.0

Temperature: Cold water-temperate between 4-20 deg C (39-70 deg F)

Care: Grass carp are herbivorous and will eat very large quantities of plant material in the pond, because of this they are often used as a form of weed control. Eating unwanted plants like duck weed which is a particular favourite of theirs.

They do have the potential to grow very large, in the wild fish have been caught well over 1 metre in length. However in garden ponds rarely exceed 50cm.

They are not a native species to the UK so we hold an ILFA licence to keep and sell these fish. No official reports have been put forward of Grass carp breeding in the UK although there has been speculation in the past.

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