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River Monsters

Jeremy Wade and the River Monsters Team required a specialist fish for filming in an upcoming episode of the popular documentary River Monsters. They had been unable to locate a small specimen and filming time was running out.

Despite Jeremy catching Wels Catfish (Siluris Glanis) in a number of previous trips abroad Jeremy and the Team where unable to source a small specimen within the UK for filming in a studio environment. Icon Films, the production company that make River Monsters were running out of time, so a Wels Catfish to film was needed fast.

We where contacted by Jodie a River Monsters Team researcher who explained the situation. Obviously River Monsters did not want to buy a Wels Catfish as once filming was complete they would have a duty of care towards the animal, additionally Wels Catfish are a non native species licencing is strictly controlled by CEFAS regarding the sale or movements of this species of fish. We contacted CEFAS and were granted special permission to transport a Wels Catfish to the studio in Bristol. This was carried out using one of our specialist vehicles to ensure no harm came to the fish. Once the filming was complete we where able to return the fish safely back.

Fortunately the specimen we safely transported to the studio was not camera shy! The wels Catfish gave an excellent performance and Jeremy was able to talk in depth about these animals for the upcoming episode.

Jeremy and the Team were very pleased that we were able to supply not only the fish they needed, but the correct paperwork as well within the limited time we were given. We have a continued relationship with the River Monsters Team for any future fish filming needs.

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