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Golden Tench


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Fish Name: Golden Tench

Latin Name: Tinca tinca

Maximum Size: 90cm

Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. pH: 6.5-8.0

Temperature: Cold water-temperate between 2-30 deg C (34-86 deg F)

Care: Tench are often a shy fish, usually living at the bottom of a lake or pond. They prefer still waters, but can still be found in slow moving areas of rivers.

In the ornamental fish trade there is a golden variety of tench that is more popular because of its bright orange/yellow appearance.

Generally tench feed on the bottom moving around in small shoals feeding on plants, small insects and invertebrates. They will feed from the surface in garden ponds with other fish as they become more at home in there surroundings.

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